3 Reasons Why You Should Be Singing

Have you ever wondered why there’s music in a church service? Is it just to fill time? Is it out of tradition – it’s what we’ve always done? Have you ever considered your role during the music? Did you even know that you have a role to play? For some, they might say that music…

Worship Matters

It’s been a very long month full of soul-searching and healing. In November I was faced with a huge disappointment in my life that had me questioning everything about the ministry I was in. Add to that the holidays and the craziness of life, I stopped writing. The disappointment I faced forced me to take…

Landing Lights

Have you ever driven past an airport at night and seen all the lights on the landing strip? I did last night. It’s a small airport so we were very close to the runway and I was thinking to myself how pretty the lights looked. I realized a couple of things about the lights. LIGHTS…

Peace in God’s No-ing

No. It’s a word that we seldom like to hear, especially if you’re a kid. “Mom, can I have a candy bar?” – “no.” “Mom, can I go to mall with everyone?” – “no.” “Mom, can I stay home from school?” – “no.” If you have kids and they’re anything like mine, the answer ‘no’…

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Let's be honest, the life of a follower of Christ is not always sunshine and roses. Yet no matter the day or the circumstance, God is still worthy of our worship. I believe that worship is not solely tied to a song or a gathering of like-minded individuals but it is an active pursuit of the Lover of our souls. Whether in quiet meditation, raucous shouts of victory, speechless awe or belly-aching laughter connecting our hearts to the King and acknowledging His endless worth is what worship is all about.

At The Destined Arrow I want to help us all step deeper into the infinite ocean of worship. To listen with grace-filled ears that may lead us to revelation that shakes the pictures off of the walls in our perfect world, to see with eyes of wonder and discover inspiration and beauty in places we would never have ventured and to embrace the unending creativity of our Creator who emphatically placed each of us in this time and place for the greatest purpose...knowing Him.

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