Worship Matters

It’s been a very long month full of soul-searching and healing. In November I was faced with a huge disappointment in my life that had me questioning everything about the ministry I was in. Add to that the holidays and the craziness of life, I stopped writing. The disappointment I faced forced me to take a painful look into the depths of my soul. Nothing like a good healthy dose of self-examination to humble you and cause you to lean in to God in a new way.

One morning I was journaling and lamenting to God, a very serious, ‘where the heck are you? why aren’t you helping me?’ kind of moment. I kid you not, just a few hours later I received an e-mail laying out an opening for a class that I had inquired about 18 months ago. The class, fittingly, is a 13-week journey in healing. I’m now half-way through the class and am amazed at how kindly, deeply and beautifully God has ministered to me.

Over the last few months, this healing has not only changed my countenance and perception, but it’s brought a new clarity to my calling and purpose. My spiritual gift is of encouragement, I love to encourage people in their walk with the Lord. There is something that lights my heart up to see people get it – His love, forgiveness, greatness, kindness – all He is. And what is the result of getting it? Worship.

Worship is a response to all that God is and does. Oh how I love to worship my King. I have experienced first hand the transforming presence of God when I have fully given myself over to worship. This is what I want to express to others. Whether you are a worshipper or a worship leader I want to share my thoughts, ask questions, learn and grow right alongside you.

Worship is a weapon. We silence the enemy and send him running when we lift up our eyes and songs to the Almighty One. Like a carefully aimed arrow, our worship propels us into our destiny as we connect with our Father and He responds in lavish love and leading. Yes, our worship matters. It refocuses us when we’ve lost our way. It lifts us out of the darkest pits. It reminds us of our humanity and need and it glorifies the only One who is worthy of our song, our hearts, our lives.

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  1. Becky, this is beautiful. God meets us in our deepest need. You are such a blessing! “Those who look to Him are radiant and have no shame.”

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