The Storm that Comes

I’m from Florida and have endured my fair share of incredible thunderstorms and frightening hurricanes. In 2004 when we were hit by 3 hurricanes, living inland in Florida you expect rain and some wind but we ended up having to move out of our home while the roof, floors and walls were replaced. Didn’t really expect that.

Much of my family still lives in Florida only now they live much closer to the coast. It seems everyone there is in a bit of panic mode, stocking up on water, filling their gas tanks and preparing for the worst (been there). However, there are some who have been prepared for this for years. The ones who keep a stock of bottled water and non-perishable food. The ones who own generators and have cash stashed away in case electronic systems are unable to process debit/credit cards. Most of the time these people are considered alarmists and crazy, but right about now they’re looking pretty smart.

There’s no denying it, that storm is coming, the question is simply how much of an impact it will have. I think we could say the same about our lives. No matter what season you’re in right now, somewhere down the road a storm is brewing. If you’re alive, a storm is brewing. This isn’t cause for fear or panic, it IS a call to preparedness. Instead of water, gas and cash, we need to be stockpiling the Word into our spirits! We need to be creating a safe bunker of intimacy, comfort and familiarity in the presence of our Father. We need to know the voice of the One who leads us to safety so that when the winds pick up and the rain thunders down we can identify, lock in and move to Him.

How are you doing in your storm preparations? Are you waiting until you’re physically drained and emotionally depleted before picking up your bible? Are you banking on the strength of your leadership to get you through? Or are you investing in your safety and survival by getting to know Him and His Word? How can you know what belongs to you if you never read your inventory list? How can trust that He will save you, provide for you and give you peace in the middle of it all if you don’t know Him for yourself?

This is not to condemn you, please hear me, this is to encourage you to take responsibility for you and your household. This is not an alarmist message to scare you into reading your bible. This is a friend loving on you, letting you know that when the storm comes you don’t have to weather it alone and empty-handed. But it really is up to you. Whether you plan ahead or wait until the last second God will still be there, He will still reach out to you and fill you with His peace and provide like only He can. But as for me, I would rather have my water, batteries, food and cash on hand and ready to go. I would rather know what I have, what’s in my pantry and toolbox than be driving all over town in a panic searching for it. There is a peace and strength that comes in knowing.

Know Him, know the Word, know His promises, know your authority, know your victory – and you can operate from a place of rest, peace and assurance.

Enjoy the Journey ~ Becky

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