Listen for the Wave Walker

Over Memorial Day Weekend we came up with the great idea to try and send our Miniature Schnauzer down our slide. I was very hesitant but my kids are pretty good at persuading their mother. So we went for it. We reassured her that it would be fun and with a light push she was off. About a quarter of the way down that stinker of a dog decided that this was in fact NOT fun and flipped herself right off the slide. She plummeted to the ground as all of us stood horrified. Thankfully she jumped right up and trotted off on her merry way. After my heart settled down and I was reassured that my fur baby was fine we all had a good laugh.

I’m sorry to say that I do believe I can relate to my sweet little dog. When this journey gets a little too unpredictable and scary I want to jump ship. The problem with jumping ship is that I’m not an Olympic swimmer and I tire easily. While it may seem like a good idea in the moment, jumping off the ship (or slide) that Jesus is steering is the worst idea ever. There are many things in this life we can’t count on, Jesus is the one sure bet. As the waves toss our boats about seasickness comes upon us, land is nowhere to be seen and fear rises topping off the perfect recipe for the perfect storm in our lives. The waves crash over us and our view of the captain is blurred, is He still there? Has He abandoned ship? Should I abandon ship?

In a moment of unclear thinking we jump, sure that we are making the right move. After all, the boat seemed doomed to destruction, the captain was nowhere to be seen and the smartest option was to not go down with the ship. The moment we leave the ship we have second thoughts and our so-called bravery has disappeared as quickly as the storm overtook us with fear its replacement. But then we hear it. A familiar voice, reassuring, peaceful and strong. Its His voice, once the captain of our ship He is now the ruler of our seas. Once we made the choice to abandon ship He didn’t just leave us to figure things out. He didn’t keep manning the ship while we were flailing about. No, the instant we jumped ship He came after us. That’s our Jesus.

When we allow fear to overtake us He stays with us, always calling to us urging us to still our souls long enough to hear Him over the waves. He’s not asking us to do anything but be still. Sometimes that’s the hardest thing to be…still. What exactly does that mean? According to Merriam-Webster to be still means to utter no sound, be quiet. When we’re afraid we like to talk a lot, the sound of our own voice seems to drown out the nagging lies of the enemy. When we’re hurt talking can bring comfort. There’s a time and a place for talking but if we’re talking, we aren’t listening. So God tells us to be still and listen for the wave walker.

Listen for the wave walker.

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