I Need a Heart Transplant

My son had oral surgery yesterday. He had to have a gum graft due to gum loss from his braces. (As if having to have braces wasn’t enough.) For this procedure they take a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth and attach it to the spot where the gums have receded. They have to do this because gum tissue won’t grow back on its own, once it’s gone – it’s gone. (So take good care of your teeth!) Knowing that gum tissue won’t grow back on its own I find it fascinating that it will grow from a transplant.

I need a heart transplant. I need God’s heart beating inside me. When His heart is allowed to take over, new life grows within us. We are transformed from the inside out. We all have areas in our heart that have been touched by darkness and when darkness touches us it affects us in profound ways. We can become hard, cynical, critical and negative. Life cannot and will not grow from those places, the only way is a transplant.

Today was scary going in. No one knew what to expect but the doctor was cool as a cucumber. He’d done this many, many times before and he wasn’t a bit nervous. Do you see the correlation? Allowing God access to our deep, dark places can be scary. What is He going to do? Is it going to hurt? Does He really know what He’s doing? I know He’s done it before but I’m different. But God is not a man, He doesn’t make mistakes. Every single detail of your life is not hidden from Him, He is worthy of your trust.

Will you trust Him today? After the procedure my son was so relieved. For one, it didn’t hurt nearly as badly as he had hyped it up in his mind. And two, it was finally done. You see, in order for him to get his braces off he had to have this graft done. Although the procedure was most definitely unwanted, thank goodness we were able to get it done and now his mouth is healing, new gum is growing and the day of brace removal is finally on the radar. Similarly, pain is unwanted but thank goodness for a loving God who promises us healing in Him. Once we allow Him access, freedom from the pain will be on our radar.

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