How Brave Are You?

Are you brave enough to be brutally honest with God? Have you told Him how you really feel? (I’ll let you in on a secret, He already knows.) There’s something incredibly cathartic in being raw and honest with God. Go ahead, let it go, tell Him everything. You will discover that He won’t be offended, He won’t leave in a huff, He won’t have snappy comebacks or knock you down. He is a safe harbor for your weary soul and releasing that pent up junk may be just the ticket you need to find freedom in Him.

I understand that your upbringing may have told you to be reverent and proper with God but that’s someone else’s rules, not God’s. If you ever doubt it, just return to our old friend David and be encouraged. Lay bare your heart to God, get the junk out and then encourage yourself in the truth of His word. That’s right, if you’re going to follow David’s example in how he spoke to God, you need to follow it through all the way. You don’t find David leaving it at the verbal vomit stage, David empties out all the junk and then fills back up on God’s goodness and greatness. And that’s how you find the strength to fight another day. Empty and fill. Empty out the junk and fill up on the truth. Repeat as often as necessary.

Never be afraid to be honest with God. -


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