Defined by God

Never allow someone else's opinionss of you to define you. That power should be given to God alone.

We live in a world of know-it-alls. People think they know everything and have no problem letting everyone know that they have it all figured out. This will include labeling you and putting you in a neat little column that they deem characterizes you. But they don’t know. They don’t know the hell you’ve walked through. The scars that still throb with pain. The unfulfilled dreams, the loss, the longing. The shoes that you’re walking in that at times feel 3 sizes too small making it unbearable to take another step.

And they also don’t know the plans God has for you. The dreams that He is preparing to fulfill, the tapestry that He is weaving together to create beauty from the ashes. The testimony that He is writing even in the midst of the chaos. As He kisses your scars and removes your shoes He carries you – He knows who you are, He knows your story and He sees the beauty in the mess that you call your life.

Don’t allow those who can’t see past the surface to define you. You are so much more than someone else’s shallow, uninformed opinion. You are a child of the King, a person of destiny. A beautiful mess full of complexity and simplicity wrapped up in uniqueness. You were created perfectly by a perfect God who is even now taking all your imperfections and the imperfect situations you’re in and working them for your good.

You have the power to chose what and who defines you, don’t give that power to others – it should belong to God alone.

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